All I want for Christmas is...The 7

I don't want a lot for Christmas…There is just one thing I need. And I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree…actually I do care. Like a lot.
Here are some ideas for male-kind on what to get for their lovely ladies if you are doing some last-minute shopping:

IMG_9792eLightoom Edit.jpg
  1. The Ultimate Bobbi Brown hamper for a pamper! Find the essential holiday sets here

IMG_9799eLightoom Edit.jpg

2. Dune London heels…ANY Dune London heels, really… these are two of my favourite pairs, the Denaerys (rock studs) and the Bellowe (red leopard print) heels. Shop them in Dune stores or at Edgars stores.

IMG_9846eLightoom Edit.jpg

3. Rotary Watches…available in South Africa online here

IMG_9865eLightoom Edit.jpg

4. Stationery! Notebooks and more notebooks, beautiful organisers and pencils galore…all available at CNA


5. Accessories to match my party outfits! Check out these beautiful snow flake earrings and clutches at Accessorize

IMG_9886Lightoom Edit.jpg

6. Gary Rom products to boost my blonde ;) Check out the ultimate spoils at their stores countrywide or here

IMG_9839eLightoom Edit.jpg

7. Still my favourite brow product - the Wunder2 set - they made up the perfect Christmas gift set in one beautiful box. Shop the set here