Couture Coffee

NESPRESSO. WHAT ELSE? It has turned the coffee market around 360 degrees. A brilliant concept. The one and only (drumroll please)Nespresso. A designer coffee experience if there ever was one.

My favorite thing in the morning is switching on my Nespresso Essenza machine  and standing very close to where the steam escapes, taking in the aroma. (Yep - I get so close that I once burnt myself a little with the steam! Serves me right for interfering with the delicate brewing process, LOL).
Nespresso has turned me into somewhat of a coffee snob. Only the best café's can make a better cappuccino. Even my frothing machine (as an extra or as part of a set with some of the machines) makes fluffier, airier foam than most "state of the art" cappuccino / espresso machines. Watch out guys! This little machine is headed for big things! 

Then there are the capsules - an appealing rainbow of colours and kept in luxurious rows in the store. It is quite overwhelming the first time you have to choose a flavor…my unrivalled favorite is the Rosabaya de Colombia capsule. Have you guys tried it out? What is your favorite flavor?

If you're still not convinced, ladies, then I have only one other thing to say: George Clooney. He is the face of Nespresso. Need I say more?