3 Tips to a Trendy Desk Top Featuring #CNA

It is the one space where all aspiring girl bosses spend most of their time. It can be a boring and dreaded place where you go to just “get it done” or it can be a portal to a wold of excitement and creativity. 

I personally love to re-decorate my home office (aka a desk with my laptop on) very often - even just with new stationery, notebooks or paper trends - to keep it fresh and inspire me to want to actually sit there and be productive!

Here are three trendy tips - pick one that suits your personal style:

1. Make a Statement: There is a new movement that is taking the world by storm. One of strong, empowered women. Thanks to Sophia Amaruso who coined the term - the #Girlboss era is here to stay and it has spilled over into female-focused quotes on stationery, notebooks, pillows and T-shirts. Add to that some bright colours and patterns (polka dots are my favourite this season) and you have a winning combination that is sure to inspire you to CEO status, one note at a time.



2. Everything Emoji: from Mentos to Domino’s pizza, everyone has fallen head over heels for Emojis…quaint and expressive, now who could resist? Stationery trends have followed suit and my kids are just obsessed with Emojis. As they say - what is good for the goose is good for the gander (or make that gosling rather) and keeping their work spaces intriguing will keep them creative - Mila loves drawing, cutting and pasting into her Emoji notebooks and her teacher says she has noticed a clear difference in her fine motor skills…win-win or what? 



3. Work from wherever: the new trend sees salary earners and bohemians alike moving out of formal office set-ups and working from mobile offices - at coffee shops, gym conference rooms and even the beach. What better way to keep that feeling of freedom than with beautifully-designed vacation motifs such as these watercolour pastels? And if it suits your outfit (or your bikini) you will be the envy of all the travelbloggers and cafe-hoppers, be it on the Greek isles or the Mexican riviera!

All stationery pictured available at www.cna.co.za

All stationery pictured available at www.cna.co.za


Pencils and notebooks poised - are you ready to start working on that book title, photography course, blog post, or what? I know I can’t wait to grab mine and start planning my next trip to a far-off place that is famous for their amazing coffee! Or else, just a a trip to my local CNA to dream big on paper - for now.