Bridesmaids Dresses You Want to Be Seen In

As you may or may not know - apart from moonlighting as a blogger in the evenings - my real / honest / day job is actually that of Wedding Photographer.

And I have seen it all ladies - the best, the worst, the risqué, the ridiculous and everything in between on bridesmaids. From weird and wonderful colours, hemlines that are too short and bodices that are too low - leaving bridesmaids with vengeful thoughts… and you do not want to be on the receiving end of a bridezilla when it becomes their turn to dole out dresses…and force you to pay for it!

So here are some tips on successful bridesmaid dressing:

Contrary to belief, there really are colours that are flattering on all skin tones. They are (memorize these colours ladies): 





All dresses by Lipsy, Shop 314, Rosebank Mall.

All dresses by Lipsy, Shop 314, Rosebank Mall.

A close second to the colour of the dress is style style style. It is so easy to just choose something that you would wear - all your friends are always complimenting you on your amazing style so you will just choose a gorgeous figure-hugging number, right? WRONG!! 

It is a great idea to opt for dresses that are available in the same colour but in different cuts and styles. And this doesn’t mean the wraps dresses that have been worn at every single wedding since 2012. It means being creative. And if you can’t be creative then leave it to the experts - why not pop by the Lipsy in Rosebank, have some champers with the girls and allow the shop assistants amaze you with their knowledge and sense of style?

If you are still not convinced, watch the video ;)