FLORAL INSPO Every summer, the fields in our neighbourhood become flushed in beautiful shades of lilac as the wild flowers bloom after all the summer rain showers (ooooh, that sounds very poetic doesn't it!). But it is honestly so beautiful to see how these blooms turn into a deeper and deeper purple from day to week before they finally dry.
This year we took advantage of the lovely colourful fields and did a shoot in the late afternoon a few days ago, and this floral blouse worked so well with its bold colourful print.

The entire outfit (except shoes and bag) is from Crave by Envy Couture. I had a great time shopping at their exclusive Nicolway boutique and can't wait to pop in again! Their designs fit so beautifully (especially the pants) and their range is extremely well-selected and not overwhelming - as you may find in some of the large retail stores.
Thanks Envy Couture for the voucher - I am in love!