The West

The worst kind of FOMO is when one day you stumble upon a gem of a place or a person that was literally in your backyard all along...and you want to kick yourself for not having discovered that place or that person sooner. Right? So I will just call it AAHMO then {Anger At Having Missed Out}. 

So the place that caused my major AAHMO last weekend was the Fourways Farmer's Market in Jo'burg. True that we've heard it mentioned in conversations before but no one ever mentioned the degree of its awesomeness! Apart from the absolutely mind-blowing freshly made lunches they sell by independent vendors, they also sell fresh farmers produce and second-hand goods and at one of these stalls, I. Found. Them. THE BOOTS. (just a little background history here: I've been searching far and wide - as far as Mexico actually - for a pair of Western boots but could just not find anything with that something-something. You know. Character!) Until I saw these beauties starting back at me. Sure, they were a bit dusty. Kinda worn...a little scuffed and rough around the edges. Perfection! I have a feeling we are going to be together for a long long time.


Boots | Second-hand

Cross-body bag | Michael Kors

Denim tunic | Forever New

Jeans | Woolworths (old)

Hat | Topshop 

Sunnies | Tom Ford