Monochrome Mix with Mango

MONOCHROME When I walk into high-end stores I sometimes get that sinking-thrilling feeling that I'm going to spend a fortune. What to leave, what to take...

Mango has a great collection this season with remarkably reasonable price tags. This entire look is from their latest collection and I just feel so chic and comfortable in this luxurious sweater (although I would not suggest eating anything with ketchup while wearing it - mental note!)

Just add a tuxedo jacket and the outfit goes from totally average to super chic.

I am also obsessed with this necklace (a birthday gift) - it is hand made right here in South Africa. So unique right? I was also wearing another birthday gift, this one from my awesome sisters and mom - a Pandora bracelet! My friends and family are just so awesome and always know exactly what to get me!

 Skirt, Sweater, Purse & Blazer: Mango

Booties: Call it Spring

Necklace: Firefly

Sunglasses: Chanel

Ring: American Swiss

Bracelet: Pandora